Sony Nex 5t

Why I am buying the Sony Nex 5t!

I am about to buy the Sony Nex 5t mirrorless camera. There is several reasons for this but it is quite the little camera that will serve my needs. It is not perfect but it is cheap, has a few feature I want and the main problem can be worked around.

One of my beefs with Sony mirrorless cameras on the APSC side is they always forget something. If they fix this feature, they leave off that feature. It is quite annoying. There is one thing that would make the Sony Nex 5t the perfect camera but it is missing!

Oddly that feature has not been on the last 3-4 models of Sony mirrorless cameras that are not in the A7 series.

What I needed from the Sony Nex 5t

The main reason I am getting this is the 180 degree screen. I do not see a major difference between it and the Sony A5000 that has the same feature. Therefore, common sense tells me to save a few bucks and get an extra lens.

I needed it to do 60fps on 1080 which it does. There is a win.

The other thing I wanted was easy HDR Photography. After some settings, getting to the Exposure Compensation should not be too much of a challenge. So a win there too.

Why I almost did not get it

It is mainly two reasons to be honest: the kit lens and the audio system.

The new kit lens is crap. If you buy a mirrorless Sony camera, make sure it has the older Aluminium lens. The new “power zoom” is plastic and breaks very easily! I do mean very easily too.

The main problem is there is no 3.5″ mic jack on any Sony Nex camera besides the Sony Nex 7. The new ones do not have it either. You can work around it with a Rode SmartLav+ but piping audio right into the camera would save some post- production time!

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