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We need the Nikon D7300!

Alot of people were hoping for the Nikon D7300 to be released at CES 2016 and instead, it was the Nikon D500. In my mind, this is not the flagship camera of the DX line.

Some people misunderstand the numbering system of Nikon. Let me help you: the numbers means nothing. If a model is Dxxx or Dxx; it does not mean the one with two numbers is a better model. Nikon D7000 replaced the D90 after all.

As far as I am concerned the D7000 line is the standard bearer for the APSC line of Nikon. As I said before, the D500 seems to be aimed at people in videography and YouTubers. I expect it to fail hard among photographers considered a full frame Nikon D750 is cheaper out of the box.

I say that to say this, I consider the D7200 to be the flagship camera of the DX line. That is until we see the Nikon D7300 released; probably at PhotoKina.

Why I believe the Nikon D7200 is the flagship

In order for a camera to be consider as that, they need to have a fan base and they have to consider the top of the line. I do not see anyone considering anything but the D7200 as the king of the hill on the cropped sensor side of the camera line.

Most, including myself, consider the D3300 as the entry camera; the D5500 as the mid-range camera; and the D7200 as the flagship for advanced photographers.

Another reason I hold this is the layout of the camera. People shooting the D7200 have little reason to make the switch to the D500. They would have to learn a completely new layout of where things are. I am not just talking a button is moved like when the record button was moved. I am talking a whole new layout.

At the end of the day, I just do not see very many people making the change from the Nikon D7200 to the Nikon D500. I could be wrong but it does not make sense to me, especially when the Nikon D750 is the same price.

We need the Nikon D7300

More importantly in my mind is the need for Nikon to bring to market the D7300. I would like to see them recall the Nikon D7200 and replace it with a Nikon D7200E. It won’t happen but I would like to see it. When it came out, it did little to improve on the Nikon D7100. It was basically just to say they have refreshed it and released something. I did not buy it because I think the Nikon D7100 is just as good in most cases.

What we need is the Nikon D7300 that has a longer buffer, a higher frame per second, and better ISO. I would even be cool with a lower MP count if it meant better ISO and better video. Most people have no need for 24MP anyways. It is nice to have but not needed.

The other important thing is that it has the tilt screen, improved apps for the smartphone, and better application for timelapses. I realize that is dreaming but it is what I would like to see. Nikon is the best camera but they could really raise the bar with these.

One thing that I would love to see the camera line really work on is the liveview. I would love to see them make it work as good as using the OVF. If they did this, the mirrorless crowd would have their foot in their mouth and the other one up their ass.

Nikon D7300 being released at CES2016?

Could the Nikon D7300 or a D7200E be released at this year’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas? I know it is a pipe dream but there is normally an ASPC camera released at the conference from Nikon. I realized there is a much better chance that it will be something like the Nikon D3500. That makes sense as the budget line is very profitable for Nikon from a business point of view.

To be honest, I am not a fan of the budget line, even if I say the Nikon D3200 was an amazing camera. It is probably one of the best bang for the buck but the faithful Nikon users normally have a more serious camera.

What that means is, given the D5XXX line is full; that there is coming two more models in the top line for prosumer side of Nikon’s bodies. We can expect the Nikon D7300 and the Nikon D7500 to one of these days. I hope sooner than later.

The case for Nikon D7300

This is not a court room or anything but I think I can make a case for releasing it this soon after the last generation. The Nikon D7200 was not really a new model. In my opinion, it was just a refreshed D7100. I mean, if you look at the new feature, save wifi; it was like a service pack was added or one huge ass firmware update. Very little was different. I do mean very little.

Everyone was hoping and praying to the Nikon gods for the Nikon D750 in a crop sensor model. The Nikon D750 is an amazing camera but where is the version for those who are that interested in going full frame? This is why many have picked up a Sony A6000 to be honest.

We need, not want, the articulating screen. In fact, that is why I flirted with the Sony mirrorless systems for a short time. It was the only reason. Having a screen that I can move for low angle shots and move for crowd shots is a need. Everyone expected it on the Nikon D7200 but Nikon did not deliver.

The answer to the Sony A6000?

Many are looking at either getting the Sony A6000 or the Nikon D7200 but the truth of the matter is that the Sony is the more useful camera for most people in most cases. It does not have the lens selection of the Nikon but 90% of users never buy a second lens or a flash so that is a pointless discussion for most.

It is a hail mary but I hope the answer comes this week at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. I don’t have much faith though.