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Sony Nex 5t: Food Photography at Authur Bryant.

A growing fad among people with cameras is food photography. It is cool to do and people enjoy looking at pictures of food on social media for some reason. With that in mind, how does the Sony Nex 5t fair? In order to find out, we took it over to the legendary Authur Bryant’s BBQ.

If you do not know about this BBQ house in Kansas City, I am not sure you are American. On a more serious note, Authur Bryant’s is well known and people like Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Danny Glover, and Harrison Ford. It is considered to be in the short list of BBQ restaurants in the United States.

If you are ever in Kansas City, make sure you check them out. The main restaurant is on 12th and Brooklyn (we did the shooting there) and they have a second branch at the Kansas City Speedway.


Special Note about the Sony Nex 5t reviews

This is a series of reviews on the model. We normally do not do studio reviews. We take it out and test in the real world where people would use it. We do ten different types of photography and see it how hold up. Here is the test for the Sony Nex 5t.

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