Grey market now serviced by Nikon?

According to the rumor mill better known as NikonRumors, Grey Market models will now be allowed to be serviced by Nikon at least in the United States. The boys over at Fstoppers seem to confirm that this is the case. If this is completely legit, it is a real game changer and could kill the black market of photography.

Basically, if you did not buy a camera in the country you actually resign in, you could not get any support for it by Nikon or have it serviced it by them.

I live in the Philippines but I buy all my camera gear in the United States from Allen’s Camera. The reason I do that is at some point, I will return to the United States where I am originally from. However, as a result, Nikon Philippine’s service center ran by ThinkDhrama will not touch any of my cameras. They all have to go to Nikon USA.

I assume that if this happens in America, it will just be a matter of time before the whole Nikon family of companies follow. It would be nice to have a Nikon serviced anywhere in the world that was bought anywhere in the world. If I am on a trip to Russia and my shutter blade breaks, I could have it fixed locally by Nikon. It is really a no brainer!

Grey Market cameras are the black market

One of the biggest issues that Nikon has warred against is the grey market cameras. However, they have did nothing to actually change the system. Global support would kill the black market of camera sales overnight. It would make retailers be competitive.

Camera shops could not use the service agreement as a sword to cut the heart of the customer out and bent them over the counter to screw them over. It would put the power back in the hands of the photographer. That is where it belongs.

However, the Nikon D7200, Nikon D500, and Nikon D5 is not included in the list.

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