HDR Weekends

We have HDR Weekends where we work with photographers hands on. There is a fee connected with it but we work to keep it affordable. If someone can’t just pay it, connect with us and we will work out something. The purpose is training, not business here. 

A few times a years from April to October; we go to a state park in the beautiful state of Missouri and camp! It is an amazing time of good old fashion time around the camp fire. While out there Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday; we go around getting bracketed images. You will come away from dozens of amazing HDR images. That is promised.

On Sunday afternoon,  lock ourselves down with laptops and a projector. We eat alot of food and we edit alot of images. This is where the post production learning happening. No question is dumb and everyone learns.

How much does HDR Weekends cost?

We rent out a camp ground in the state park so it is like going to Boy Scout or 4-H camp all over again. This includes a place to stay, and meals.

In order to cover the cost of the campground, the meals, etc; we charge each person $50. This is basically our breaking even point. In addition to this, we ask everyone to bring some meat for the camp fire on Friday evening. It is time of meeting other photographers, learning from each other and networking with people that have different photographic experiences.

The breakfast will be omelets, cold cereal and oatmeal. Saturday lunch will be nice fat hamburgers and fries. Saturday evening will be a good old Missouri dinner that will change at each HDR Weekend.

Note about Photography gear

We will be shooting mostly landscape images so you will need a tripod, your camera and the widest lens you own. If that is just the kit lens (18-55mm), bring it. If you have filters, bring them as well. Leave the gear that you know you will not use at home. The chances of making a HDR image shot at 500mm is very slim. No need to pack it around. The other issue is that dozens of photographers are at HDR weekends so being minimal is a security issue.