Nikon D820 is coming!

I believe that the Nikon D820 will be coming this fall. It has been many moons since the Nikon D810 was released and the D810a was a specialty camera.

Let me say from the start, I expect it to be the Nikon D5 as far as guts, medium format range resolution, the features of the Nikon D750, and the video abilities of the Nikon D500.

I know that is some pretty tall orders but it is what I expect is ahead of us with an early release in 2017. I believe that Nikon will throw everything but the kitchen sink into the Nikon D820 to shut the Sony snobs the hell up. No one cares about your Sony A7rII with no lens inventory.

I could be totally wrong (and have no inside information) but I think that we will see the release at Photokina 2016 in Germany because let’s face it, the Nikon D800 is next in line to be released. (Unless they give us the Nikon D750e….D750 without the flare).

In reality, I believe the release of the Nikon D810’s replacement all point to Germany in September and there will be lots of the big names on hand to do reviews on the spot. Jared Polin will be going Stone Cold to get his hands on it, for sure.

What the Nikon D820 must have!

Here is just my list. However, I am sure there are many users of the Nikon D810 that agree with me on them.

  • It must have the guts of the Nikon D5. We want professional shutter assemblies that will last as long. Having it send it every 200k shots is not going to cut it. The weather sealing to withstand a nuke being fired from North Korea must be in place too, please. The dynamic range of the Nikon D5 would be critical as well.
  • Everyone would expect the MP count to be pushing medium format levels as far as the dynamic range would allow. Anything less than say 45MP would be a letdown. However, I would buy a Nikon D820 with 36MP if the dynamic range was better.
  • Every Nikon body from now on should have the features of the Nikon D750. We EXPECT the screen. It is not that hard to do it. We want the connection with the internet and smartphones too.
  • Lastly, we need the video abilities of the Nikon D500. We at least need 30fps in 4k resolution and having 60p would be great. I personally would love 120p in 1080 in case I need to do some slow motion stuff.

I realize that this list is next to impossible but it is what we really need and it would send the Sony Snobs packing with the heads between their legs. I would be surprised if at least 70% of this features are in the model at Photokina 2016.

I really hope they focus on making the Nikon D820 one bad ass body. We have the lens already. I do not see a need for a release of five more lens that are really no different than the one they replaced.

What price should the Nikon D820 start at?

Alot of this depends of the features. If they can pack everything that was listed in the bad boy, expect prices to be on the north side of $3,000 easily. It could even get up to $4,000 if they can basically make a medium format camera in a 35mm (full frame) system. Guess what? At $4,000, they will still sell them as fast as they can make it. As a point of reference, the Nikon D810 is right now $2,796 on Amazon.

I would think we are realistically looking at the $3,499.99 Suggested Retail Price on release around Thanksgiving time. The date could be pushed back into 2017. I wouldn’t think this would be too many teenager’s stocking stuffer until you have Donald Trump as dad.

At that price, it will sell quickly and there will be a backorder that Nikon can’t keep up with. This is especially true since their main factory was lost in an earthquake in Japan.

The best part of it for photographers

If you are able to get it for financial reasons, the good news is alot of other people will get it. It is good news for you because the Nikon D810 will be flooding Amazon and E-bay. You will see the D810 for under $1,500 and the D800 could get as low as $700 for the body.

When the new model is released, everyone wins!

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