Why we don’t use Paypal!

A question that comes up from time to time is why doesn’t HDR School take Paypal. We have not since day one and we will not in the future. It might be the king of the hill but many kings have gotten so big of a kingdom, they forget the citizenry of that Kingdom!

I have not been a fan of the company for quite some time. They have some bizarre policies and they just make doing business a challenge some times. It goes back to my time in the Philippines. That’s a different story though.

I am sure that Peter Thiel and Max Levchin had no idea the monster that Paypal would become down the road. Popularity does not mean you are the most effective. Simply as that!

paypal-tabletThree reasons we do not use Paypal

1) International Travel. I use to use Paypal and had the Paypal Debit card as well. I was traveling from Kansas City at the time to my other home in Palawan, Philippines. Every time I would try and log into Paypal from the Philippines; it would lock out! Talk about something making business a challenge.

One of these times, they also cancelled my Paypal debit card. After an hour of some profanity laced discussion with them, they closed my account and would not release the funds in my account for the next 180 days. Not good for business to say the least.

2) Transfer time sucks. I understand it takes time to do transfer from one bank account to another. However, up to a week to do it is a little much. There is no need to take that long. I get that they want to make some money on the interest but it is my money, not theirs.

Another related issue that they will not start the transfer of funds on a weekend, holiday, or after hours. I get the whole “regular banking hours” things but you would think an online company would be in real time and around the clock!

3) The terms and Conditions is stupid. It is simple as that. Most people never read them and I didn’t until there are a problem (like everyone else). However, did you know if Paypal goes lights out, you are not protected by FDIC and any money in your account belongs to Paypal.

The most recent change requires online business using the service to make the Paypal option perferred in their checkout systems. What is it that they fear if they are so frecking amazing? Hmm…


Goodbye Paypal, Hello Google Wallet!

If you follow the blog at all, you know I think that Google is amazing and that would include their answer to Paypal, Google Wallet.

I find it much easier to work with, especially on the road. The transfer times is normally one business day (sometimes even less). Plus, everyone has a gmail account anyways.

The only drawback to using it is you have to have a US account at this point and some of the same terms and conditions are in their agreement as well.


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