Who is the writer?

I am a Nikon shooter. I am a photographer by passion but a Computer Science guy by education. I love using my camera daily and yes I shoot raw. (Polin would be happy to know that.)

For those wondering why I shoot Nikon, it is because they make amazing DSLR systems. I have tried the Sony mirrorless models too. I am not impressed with them. Nikon is just makes the best systems on the market. They also have over 50 years of lens that work on any Nikon.

This  blog is basically my thoughts on using the Nikon system, some tutorials on editing and issues facing  shooters in a modern world.

What cameras do I own?

Currently I have four DSLR systems that I am using. They are the Nikon D7000, Nikon D7100, Nikon D7200 and Nikon D800.

I also shoot with alot of old fim lenses as well as use Samyang lens. I love the product offerings coming from the Koreans. They make some of the sharpest glass at the best price in the market.

As far as the other stuff, I use a Benro tripod (Sorry, Really Right Stuff is amazing but I don’t have a $1000), some filters, and a really cool National Geographic camera bag that I love.

My goals for the blog

I really just want to build it up and help some people be better at what using their Nikon cameras. I will do some products reviews and of course, post-production tutorials.

With that said, I do make a little money from the website. It is not a business at this point but I would like the website to break even. I prefer offering ads over charging people for information.

Anytime, I do a review on a product that I was given or was allowed to borrow from the company selling it, I will make sure to state that in the review.

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