PhilPost sucks big time!

One of the challenges with living in the Philippines is dealing with the Philippine Postal Service better known as PhilPost. It really sucks to be honest. They simply do not care about keeping the country moving.

The service has been broken for many years and it does create some problems for all businesses, not just photographers. It is completely unstable at best and they have a long history of “losing packages.” This is not to mention the million of pesos (tens of thousands of dollars) that was stolen by employees over the last few years.

It is safe to say that I am not a fan of how they run things at all.

PhilPost is Philsteal!

They have earned this nickname because anything of value seems to get “lost” and is never found. I would not consider shipping a camera using PhilPost under any condition. It is sure to be stolen by the staff at the local Post Office!

They have even stolen chocolate I was sending to Fiji for a friend’s birthday. It is pretty bad when you taking candy bars. If you are that desperate, ask me to give you some and I probably will!

I would say using them for simple things like postcard is fine. I just would not send anything that can be stolen to or from the Philippines using the postal service. That’s all.

Johnny Air is the way to go!

I use a service that a Filipino-American owns named Johnny Air. It is based in New York. I mail my package to them, they air lift it to the Philippines and a week later, I walk in their office and pay for the delivery. It is just $6 per pound and they deal with all the red tape for you. It is cheaper, faster and better than using PhilPost!

It is very simple to use, They confirm everything and they always make sure to over deliver. It is the best thing going in the Philippines if you are shipping from the United States. It is much cheaper than FedEx and DHL for sure.


If you are going to send a package to the Philippines from the United States, make sure to check out Johnny Air’s website and see if it works for you.

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