Premiere Pro is great for photographers!

When I am doing editing for video, I am using Premiere Pro from Adobe. If you are a photographer, you will do video in today’s climate. It is just a fact. Every photographer would do themselves a favor to learn some video editing programs.

The good news is you have the Creative Cloud (and most photographers don’t have a choice), you probably pay for Premiere Pro already so all you have to do is download it. I have the full suite for $40 a month currently.

The other good thing is we are working with the editing programs that many in Hollywood use. Once you learn the basics of the programs, video editing becomes very easy.

Why I use Premiere Pro

The first reason is simple: It is an Adobe Product. I use Photoshop, Lightroom and Dreamweaver. I believe in Adobe Systems. It just made sense for me to learn a program that is known as “Photoshop for video.”

It is easy to tie other programs into the workflow like Photoshop, After Effects and Audition. I do not need to have several programs open and closed to do the workflow.
Basically, working within the suite of Adobe products is alot less work and makes my editing time to a minimum.

As far as I am concerned, Premiere Pro just makes the logical sense as the winner.

What about Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas?

Well, I am a proud Alienware owner.It runs on Windows so using Final Cut Pro is out of the question. It is an Apple product that only runs on Apple’s operating system.

Sony Vegas is a cool program from what friends tell me but I have never used it myself. I realized the saving and opening of files in Photoshop and After Effects would be extra working using a non-adobe product. Because of this, I never tried Sony Vegas.

Why Photographers should learn Premiere Pro

The bottom line is only you learn a dozen or so commands, you can do pretty decent editing pretty quickly using the program. If you are a wedding photographer, this means cash for “same day edits.”

Some friends who do editing for a living tell me that if you learn the short code key system of Premiere Pro, it is the easiest program to use. It is like Lightroom is to Photoshop for them.

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