Pressable Hosting: My experience

We tried using Pressable Hosting for our hosting and well, it sound good. The devil is always in the details though. They do have the ability to a great hosting company though.

I tried them out because mainly WP Engine is very expensive. They offered more for less. I thought I would try it out. It was not a big mistake but it did have some challenges. As I said, if they ever get it all figured out, it will be quite the company.

It also is important for me to disclose that they are going through a lot of changes right now. The founder has left the company, a new CEO is coming, and they have a new round of investors coming on board. Who know what that will mean long term.

They offered me 60,000 views for $25 a month. It was a fair price and would have worked but there was some technical issues but we will get to that later. The other thing that was a little of a pain was that you can only have five installs. I have a few websites besides this one.

However, I had a good experince overall. I am glad that I tried them out. It was a learning experience.

My issues with Pressable Hosting

People want to know what made me learn them as a WordPress Hosting provider, I assume.

First of all, the request time for reaching the server was insane. It would take far too long to serve up the request and there was just way too many requests to be honest. I was really surprised by this to be honest.

As a photographer, I have to say this just will not work. Images have to be loaded quickly and Pressable Hosting just could not seem to do it for me.

The next issue that I had was the customer service. Support just sucked. It is what it is. There is no phone number to call, no chat function. You have to email them and wait 2-3 days for them to return it. I guess they only have a few people who know what they are doing. I get that but when I need support, I need support. The lack of phone support is pretty crazy if you ask me.

The third issue I had was with billing. For some reason, it did not function as a auto-pay system. It did not bill me for three months and then it wanted to bill me for six months at once. It was a little odd to put it lightly. I am sure they will work all the details with it out but I did find the way they do the billing to be lacking professionalism.

At the end of the day, these issues where too much for me bear and I went to another hosting provider but I am not say that you should not check them out. If they get their crap together, they could really be a great company at some point.

Where do I get my WordPress Hosting now?

I have leased a server from Softlayer in Dallas. It is not ideal but it does seem to work. They have some of the best technology in data centers that is out there. I am paying more than I did at Pressable but the requests are much, much faster; the service is there and the billing works. In fact, they normally call me if there is a problem. I like how on the ball these guys are.

I will admit that it comes at a price. I am paying $159 a month for the server. I get that with service comes cost.

If you just have one website that is WordPress, I would suggest checking out WP Engine based in Texas. They have some very powerful backend stuff. It is worth at least checking out. I think they allow up to 25,000 views a month. That works out to about 800 every day.

I have no issue with Pressable Hosting and it was a good overall experience.

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