HDR School’s Purpose

So what is the actual purpose of this website? Well, that is easiest to show than to tell….but basically, it is to educate people on HDR Photography and a place to post HDR images from all the world.

I really respect Trey Ratliff but I want to be different. He does all the famous places and such. I want to do pictures of hidden gems around America and the nations. It might be a cave in a state park or it might be the praying hands at my old university, Oral Roberts.

It is one of our core values that everything on the website be given freely. It is what Jesus did and He seemed to be pretty effective at His model so HDR School is going to try it too!


High Dynamic Range Education

What do I mean by education? Doing images this way does take some skill, especially after the shooting. There is alot of learn in post processing. We will do articles, videos, tutorials, etc on how to successful editing images to give it that “HDR look.”

Of course, from time to time, we will also do stuff on photography as an art too. You know, things like composition rules of thirds, and leading lines. That stuff is pretty important to know as well.

The grand theme of our education value is that you would get to the point that you didn’t need HDR School anymore and you just come around to help others in the community and in the forums.

Yap houseDaily HDR Photography

I will try and post about a place, a story connected to it and something interesting about the processing of that image every day. I know I will fail to actually do it every day but that is my goal.

It won’t be just famous places that a million people have taken pictures of either. It could be as simple as the light was perfect in a back alley of town.

Of course, there will be alot of travel photography too. I just do not want the same run of the mill image as every other travel photographer has.

Farm cabin in Smoky Mountains