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Nikon KeyMission 360 is the GoPro killer!

I realize my friendship with the national director for GoPro might be over now but Nikon just destroyed their hold on the action camera market. The Nikon KeyMission 360, if truly affordable will set a few standard.

I am not a fan of GoPro, I have even called them toys before and I still hold that position. If you disagree, tell me how many professional photographers are using as a primary camera and how many Blockbusters in Hollywood have been made using the GoPro as a main camera. It is a toy and little more.

The one thing about it that I just don’t get is the name. I have no idea who in the marketing department came up with KeyMission. It is too long and to hard to remember. I don’t get why they didn’t get call it the Nikon Extreme or Nikon A100 (A for Action camera). It would make more sense. However, they might re-name it later for all I know.

Otherwise, it was a great idea from the Research and Development team in Tokyo. They are normally very good at giving us amazing systems and upgrading what we have. Yes, I know the Nikon D7200 upgrade was a joke but that is one of the few bad examples about the research team.

I will be buying the Nikon KeyMission 360

I do not know about you but I have plans to order one as soon as they come out. It will kill the Gopro! It can be used to shoot 360 degrees and it looks like it has a 10mm ultra-wide lens on it, a decent APSC sensor and it coded for some pretty insane weather conditions. It does not need a case like the GoPro does, either.

It is something that I can use on the fly for videos and even use as a travel camera when I go to Hawaii or Samoa. It will be great when I do not want to pack around the D7000 or the D800 with all my lens. I can throw this in the bag and know I can get great shots. It might not gallery quality but it would be Facebook quality for sure.

Another cool things is that this thing can go underwater to 100 feet. I am not a diver but I have many friends who are. This would be very cool for them as it seems to have a great dynamic range and with some editing; you could have some pretty wild underwater photography! It is something that I might even play with in Hawaii sometime.

All in all, Nikon has done a great job and yes, I will be ordering one. I know of many practical issues for this both in my workflow and just having fun with it. They really gave us a very useful tool with this. Notice this is a tool, not a toy like the GoPro!

Here is a video from Nikon

Is the GoPro really a toy?

If you believe it is a legit camera, tell me how many professional photographer use GoPro as their primary camera? None that I know of. It is a cool toy to play with but past that, I would not take it very serious. We use to have one for making timelapses over our door and doing videos when my family went to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO. Otherwise, it just sit in the camera bag.

I am sure that it could be used in a tight spot with off board microphones like the Zoom H1 or the Rode SmartLav+, but I will not trust it to give me what a Nikon DSLR would give me even for video. Call me a hater all you want, I just don’t trust GoPro at the end of the day.

Would I tell some teenager trying to learn video production to not use the GoPro? Not at all. It makes doing basic stuff pretty easy and the editing program that comes with it seems pretty idiot proof.  It could be a great launching pad for later learning to use a Nikon DSLR and Abode Premiere Pro CC.

Will the Nikon KeyMission 360 really kill the GoPro?

I can’t say for sure because no one knows the price yet but if it is in the $400 range; it will cause some serious problems for GoPro at the very least. I think will overtake GoPro users in no time. It is better, does more, and has the optics of Nikon, a world leader. All of that is trouble for the action camera makers. Real photographers trust Nikon; not Gopro!

My thoughts are we are looking at the 4k full version for $399, a 1080p with VR build in for $249 and a scaled down, 1080p without VR for around $139. I could be totally wrong but if I am right; it will destroy the action camera hold that GoPro has.