Why is it Free?


Philosophy of Giving

Everything from presets to video tutorials to images are all free. We do not sell much around here and we believe in giving away everything that Peter has learned doing HDR Photography. It is not everyone’s philosophy but it is ours.

Jared Polin from FroKnowsPhoto once criticized HDR Photography saying he didn’t like that anyone with a camera could do the genre. That is exactly what HDR Academy likes. You do not have to have thousands of dollars of gear to make some amazing images. This is not just forĀ Robert Capa andĀ Ansel Adams.

The founder (me) was raised in a Pentecostal home and we practiced giving our way into prosperity. In those circles, it is called “seed time and harvest.” HDR Academy is about seeding people with free knowledge to learn HDR Photography. Is that too much to ask?

What is not free?

While pretty much everything we do here is free to use, learn and run with; there is a few things that are not free. It is part of how we make money to pay the rent. It is mainly the selling of prints and the licensing of images.

If you see an image that you would like in your home, there is a chance that we could make a print of it, put it in a frame made of old barn doors (very cool looking) on Kodak Metallic paper as large as 30″ x 60″. Currently, the average price for popular 24″ x 36″ prints are $799. Our metal prints for that size are $899. We do metal prints as large as 40″ x 90″ for $3,499. See our prints page for the details about it!

The other way that we make money is licensing of images. We do not have big ugly watermarks on our pictures and we generally treat things with a copyright policy of the right to copy. You can use it for anything that is not making a profit. That is the general rule. Here is a much more detail version of our copyright policy.

Most of our licenses are between $35 and go to $500 depending on the application and the scope. A vast majority of the applications are $35 for web use.

Why is there advertising?

It is about paying the rent to be honest. I would rather use Google Adsense to make money to pay for the website than turn some poor teenage away because he could not afford to buy a seminar or package. It works better for the model that we have. We do not expect people to use those ads but they are there if people see something they want to find out about.