Yongnuo has 35mm (f/2) for Nikon!

Yongnuo is a chinese company that is trying to bring down the cost of lens. I have not personally used one of their offerings and to be honest, I would have some serious concern. Optics are not something to easily make happen. Let’s just be honest.

What we do know is that the good people over at Nikon Rumors found offerings for it on Ebay and the claims are that is has seven elements in five groups, has auto-focus and offers completely glass optics.

The price is currently $92 which makes a young photographer that is strapped for cash very interested. In no way, does this compared to the Nikon 35mm (1.8). The Nikon offering would be superior in every way.

Yongnuo vs Samyang

The big question many will have is should they use Yongnuo or just spent a little more and go with Samyang’s manual lens. The answer is very simple in my mind: Go Samyang. I really don’t think the auto focus in these lens will be that great anyways.

My view would be to focus on the optics more and I doubt that these Yongnuo are anywhere on the level of the Samyang. I could be wrong but I highly question that they are anywhere in the same discussion. I couldn’t see me using them at a professional shoot anytime soon.

If I was a cash strapped young photographer and really wanted a 35mm lens, I would consider a few other options. One of them is the Nikon AI-S E-series 35mm (2.5)   . The other one would be to buy the Nikon 35mm (1.8) that can be found on the second hand market for a few hundred dollars.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. I am just telling you what I would do if I didn’t have much money and really need a 35mm prime.

Could the Chinese surprise us?

Oh yes, they could. The 50mm offering for Canon was usable for sure. They blew alot of the Canon boys away to put it lightly. I am not saying they could repeat that. Not at all.

It is very possible that down the road that this maker of glass will be a force in the market. I actually would love to see that. It would force a price war with Nikon, Tamron and Sigma. The photography community needs that badly.

However, as of today, I suggest looking to Samyang or old Nikon film glasses if you are on a budget.

P.S. They do make some decent flashes.

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