3 tools that I use every day in Aurora HDR 2020

Uncategorized3 tools that I use every day in Aurora HDR 2020

3 tools that I use every day in Aurora HDR 2020

There are many amazing tools in Aurora HDR but there is three of them that I use every single day. There is over 100 features currently in the program so these are just three of the “big ones.” This is also the ones I personally use. It is up to opinion.

The program has came a long ways since it started in 2015. It has forced the whole editing industry to re-think some ideas. They bought the concept of using artificial Intelligence  to edit photography. It really did challenge everything.

If you are serious about getting into HDR Photography, this is the program to use. Using the workflow of Lightroom or Photoshop will only get you so far. I do understand that many starting will say that “Lightroom is free on Pirate Bay.” (Different debate for a different day) However, Lightroom is not very good at HDR Merge. Just saying.

Smart Tone

Smart Tone is a new tool to Aurora HDR 2020 and is a game changer for me. I just love it. This is literally the second click I make when I am editing. (The first in one of my special looks) The Smart Tone tool can get you where you need to be in seconds. Literally.

Artificial Intelligence is a complete game changer in photography editing and having a program that focus on HDR Photography is amazing. One of the tools that uses AI technology to edit quickly is the Smart Tone tool.

In the past, tone mapping would require about 30 minutes of moving this slider and that slider. It was a pain. This has taken all those sliders and put together in a system that reads it and in 95% of the cases, gets you where you need to be in a few seconds.

As a general rule, I would not use it too strongly. It still is a computer doing the work. I try and keep it under 80% in most case. My workflow sometimes is go to 100% and start dialing it down, though.

Smart Tone is your friend! 


HDR Clarity


HDR Smart Structure

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