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Charleston, South Carolina : A photographer’s guide

I ended up in Charleston, South Carolina by chance and a lot of people have said that going there would be a great place for a photographer. I did not spend a lot of time there but I did find that the downtown area is amazing and the Ashley River makes some great shots as well.

Sony A5100, Rokinon 12mm, 1 second, f/8, 100 ISO

Shooting the Yacht Club in the dark

I was walking across the bridge right before dawn and I saw the yacht club below and it was a great shot. The problem was I did not have my tripod and it was still quite dark. The solution is a long exposure but how to do with it without a tripod? In order to do this, I sit the camera (Sony A5100 with Rokinon 12mm) on the side of the bridge and had my hands close to save it if needed.

Shooting on the bridge would have been much challenging with a DSLR so I am glad I had the mirrorless. In fact, I did most of the shooting in Charleston with the Sony A5100.

While I could have gotten so other shots with a longer lens, I think these types of shots are best as wide as possible. The Rokinon 12mm worked great for it.

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