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Saal Digital Professional Line Review

Saal Digital reached out to me about their Professional line of photo books and said me if I wanted to try them. Of course, I told them to send me over over but I want to know: was their product really worth the $150 asking price.

The simple answer is I think it depends on what your client is. If you are producing family albums for a client or for a wedding, the price is very much worth it. In my case, it was just some shots I wanted to see what looked like on paper from a photowalk. In that case, not so much.

It is a great product, don’t get me wrong but I just question I would have thrown down the money for a collection of a photowalk. I am not a wedding photographer or a family photographer. For those application, it is a whole difference ballgame.

However, I am highly impressed with the quality that is given and the I could see this being well worth it to the right photographer and client. I am just not him. For me, It was just something handy to show people of a trip.

So what did I like about the Saal Photo book Professional Line?

The Acrylic Cover

This is just amazing. I love the acrylic top of the book. I wish the back also had it but I get why only the front does. It is really cool to see a legit finish on the acrylic and it really made the picture of the walking trail really stand out. This is a winner in and out itself. Let’s just get honest!

The one thing that I wish they would have done with the top is make the inside image go to the edge so that there is not the white back of the cover image showing. It is not the end of the world but it would have been nice to make the inside cover image go “wall to wall.”

The Quality of Paper

The stock of the paper is THICK! It is close to 1/8 of an inch thick or so. I did not get out a ruler but this is high quality thickness.  I am very impressed with the stock they used for the printing. Very well done.

As a landscape photographer and HDR guy, I would have liked to had the option of Kodak Endura Metallic paper or a a higher grade of fine art paper. However, their “glossy” option was quite good and I am still impressed. Good job, Saal Digital.

Should HDR Photographers use Saal DIgital?

If you are taking a trip to Hawaii or French Polynesia and want to make a photo book to remember the trip, using a company such as Saal Digital might be worth it. I think it is over kill in most cases and there are cheaper options out there.

However, if you just care about quality and price is not a factor, check out their Professional Line. It is worth look into it. I was not disappointed at all.

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